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Our reliable family run, Edinburgh based company will get you out of the feeling you’re buried under a all the stuff that has built up over the years. We’ll help you feel lighter and get your breathing space back at home.

It’s normal to be reluctant to let go of personal items and clothing or any other items that have lovingly accumulated in your house or office over the years and have left you without the energy to ever get on top of it.

A clear mind often needs a clear and tidy space – so if we can help you get to that decluttered and clearer space you will automatically feel clearer and more relieved in your mind. So let’s tackle this.

Our Service Includes

  • Decluttering of personal spaces, wardrobes, box rooms, sheds, garages or attics
  • Reorganising your kitchen cupboards and workspace to make it more functional
  • Design and create children's rooms - from getting you ready for a new arrival to helping you create perfect kiddy rooms for when they grow up
  • Reorganising your home with stylish storage solutions that not only look good but are highly functional
  • Greening up your home by adding live or even synthetic plants to your space to make it even more homely

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Service Ts&Cs

MON-SAT trading hours depending on appointment.

We always charge the first hour (minimum charge), then discount the rates for two hours, further discount for three, half-day (4 hours) & full day (8 hours). Once you choose the length of your appointment on the calendar you will see the respective rate.

Interior Design and Renovations is a daily rate only.

These prices are a labour-only fee and don’t include any parts, materials or parking charges (if applicable). we will always round up the fee to the nearest half hour. Waste disposal is charged at one extra hour.

Fixed rates can be offered for larger projects. No call-out charge or VAT. We accept various forms of payment, CASH, BACS, DEBIT & CREDIT CARDS.

All debit and credit card payments may incur an additional fee.

We don’t accept CHEQUES. Rescheduling or cancelling a booking may incur a fee. Please give us 24 hours’ notice to avoid a fee.

We meet all clients before quoting and undertaking larger work. Fixed appointments are always offered. A mask will be worn during the quote and we always carry our own hand sanitiser.

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